Officer Team Fall 2019

Officer Team Fall 2019


Bauer Student Union (BSU) primarily focuses on establishing strong networking and professional skills development for all students at the University of Houston.

In addition to helping students expand their skill set, BSU is also a great advocate for promoting diversity on campus, we want to teach students how to embrace diversity and inclusion in the corporate world. How to work with people who are different culturally, religiously etc.

We are constantly striving to provide our members with tools to be successful through various engaging opportunities such as, workshops, community service events, professional dinner meetings, luncheons, social events and more. We are constantly working to provide more opportunities for students to succeed.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bauer Student Union is to prepare Bauer business students and other students of the UH community for the real world. Our mission will be to help students network and build connections.

We wish to create members who have mastered the skills they possess to become great assets to employers. We want to encourage diversity in the corporate world and appreciate the diversity that we have among all our students while forming a common platform for all those who wish to excel. 


 The Bauer Student Union was established in May 2017. The vision that we started with was very simple: to serve the student community. What makes us different is that we work extraordinarily hard to foster our student body and to provide them with opportunities that make their college experience one of a kind. We wish to provide students the experience of a lifetime, and provide them with opportunities that help them pave their path to success.