Bauer Student Union Presents:

My Fellow Rock - FALL 2018 PARTNERSHIPS

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“My Fellow Rock” 
We partner up Fellows and Rocks on the basis of compatibility, goals, missions, visions, basically,


The person who you can count on to be there for you at school (or beyond a friend who's there for you).

Our inspiration was drawn from students who get overwhelmed and feel lost in this big big college; who feel like they’re alone even when they have 100 people around. 

Your rock will not only be your friend but also help you grow professionally! Who doesn’t want one on one training on how one gets into the Big4? Or have a friend to go to lunch with?

A mentor and a friend both in one!

This program is for you all! 

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Our Director of Marketing, talking about her mentorship journey with BSU and how she's ready to be a rock. She is looking forward to meet everyone.

Our Director of Recruitment Sara Schlimper, talks about the "My Fellow Rock" program as well as her amazing and rewarding journey with B.S.U! 

Director Of Membership, Sofia, presenting her views on our newest program and how she is super excited to be working with you guys!